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The VOGUE is available in three lengths (30, 35 and 40 feet) with a shared width of 15’ 5”. It offers an end-to-end swimming channel even with its dramatic splash pad / stage. It also features a deep end step out seat and bench for easier exit or a moment of rest. It has a gentle slope that allows for a versatile swimming experience.


The LUXE is a statement pool that
starts with the dramatic splash stage
that covers 9 feet 9 inches at the shallow end and extends 13 feet 4 inches into the pool. A luxurious built-in spa that measures 7 feet 1 inch by 7 feet 8 inches has descended on top of the stage to create a stunning work of functional art that is best admired from the swimming pool that rests just beyond it. The spa has a natural spillover that flows into the splash pad creating a gentle waterfall. It is available in three lengths (30, 35 and 40 feet) with a common width of 15’ 5”.


The INTRIGUE elevates your
outdoor living experience through
the addition of a built-in spa that
measures 6’8” in length and 4’11”
in width. It is offered in three lengths 40’, 35’ and 30’. This is a companion to the generous splash pad / entry area
that can hold chairs and a small
table (full size being 8’ wide by 8’
long). The full-length bench along
the side provides an area to sit or
be used for easy access / exit from
the pool. This is your pool if you
desire to have it all.


The TRIUMPH offers all the luxuries
in a more trim and fit package. Start
with the splash pad that measures
8 feet by 5 feet across. Next you
have a relaxing built-in spa that is
6’8” long and 4’11” across. Then
you have a full-length bench that
stretches to either 26 or 30 feet.
This beautiful design is the perfect
fit for smaller backyards and offers
you the lifestyle you deserve.


The APEX provides the wonders of
a full-width 15 feet splash pad that
extends a full 8 feet in depth allowing
for the placement of lounge chairs
and small tables. The addition of
a full-length bench along the right
side offers easy access and exit from
the pool’s swimming area while also
providing an area of rest and seating.
Available in three lengths 30′, 35′, and 40′ with a full width of 15’ 5”. This truly is a multi-purpose pool that is striking in its style.


The OVATION provides the joys of
a full-length splash pad but in a size
that allows it to better fit in more
compact environments (measuring
over 12 feet). This is complemented
by a full-length bench (or exit /
entry step) that is better suited
for urban backyards or for those
who prefer a smaller pool. It is an
opportunity to marry contemporary
style with customized landscape
design to create your perfect
outdoor oasis. It is available in three lengths at 23′, 26′, and 30′.


The EDEN is an elegant pool that
offers a generous splash pad / entry
step area within its willowy frame.
The pad itself extends to over seven
feet in length with a width of almost
three feet. The addition of two
swim out steps / benches, one at the
side and the other in the deep end,
provides sanctuary for those in the
pool. This pool is available in three sizes of 27′, 32′, and 37′.


The SERENE soothes the soul with
the addition of a built-in spa on
the right side of the pool’s shallow
end while providing comfort and
fun on the left side with a stylish
splash pad and entry steps. The spa
is 6’ 10” in diameter but is situated
so that it allows a generous splash
pad that extends over seven feet. Three variations are available at 27′, 32′, and 37′.
The spa features two spillovers, one
flowing into the splash pad and the
second into the pool, creating a
breathtaking spectacle.


The CHIC is a compact, classically
styled swimming pool that delivers
on multiple levels. It has a crisp,
clean look that has understated
design brilliance. There are six steps
along the right side entry area that
are two feet in width and one foot in
length. Together, they form a stylish
stairway into an inviting, flat bottom
pool. You will be amazed at how
this “simple” design can make all
your dreams come true.


The DYNASTY is a bold design for
those who want to stand out and
wish their pool be a statement.
This design features a stunning
splash pad that measures 12’10” in
length and 6 ½ feet in width. You
have the option of three lengths (26′, 30′, and 35′) to allow you to choose your swim area and have your dream pool
perfectly fit your home for a luxurious swim.

The tanning ledges can be added to any pool to complete the vision of your backyard.

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