• Pool Opening                            $400
  • Drain & acid wash pool        $1,250
  • Pool Closing                              $400
  • Clean & store solid cover     $185
  • Clean & store mesh cover   $90
  • Hourly labor rate                     $125
  • Full vacuuming service         $75
    **Includes skimming, cleaning baskets, backwashing as needed, hosing/blowing the deck, testing the chemicals, adjusting chemicals and vacuuming. This is a labor charge per trip. The costs of chemicals are additional.
  • Chemical check service        $65
    **Same as the full vacuuming service, except we skip the vacuuming. This service works well for customers with an automatic pool cleaner.

(note: The above prices are for labor rates. Chemicals, parts or repairs are additional to the above labor rates. Prices are subject to change throughout the year.)