Pool Opening$415
Pool Closing$415
Drain & Acid Wash Pool$1,400
Clean & Store Solid Cover$190
Clean & Store Mesh Cover$95
Hourly Labor Rate$125
Full Vacuuming Service
**Includes skimming, cleaning baskets, backwashing as needed, hosing/blowing the deck, testing the chemicals, adjusting chemicals and vacuuming. This is a labor charge per trip. The costs of chemicals are additional.
Chemical Check Service
**Same as the full vacuuming service, except we skip the vacuuming. This service works well for customers with an automatic pool cleaner.
Winter Monthly Service
**Test water chemistry, add liquid chlorine, flush out water from skimmers and refill antifreeze, inspect equipment and drain water from cover. Liquid chlorine and anti-freeze are additional cost. Leaf removal may be added for $75 per hour.
Cartridge Filter Service
**Cartridges are soaked in an enzyme cleaner for 24 hours to help remove the accumulated materials such as suntan lotion or oil, body oil, grease, dirt, soap scum and other organics. The cartridges are stored in our warehouse until the opening.
(note: The above prices are for labor rates. Chemicals, parts or repairs are additional to the above labor rates. Prices are subject to change throughout the year.)
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